Existing methods of clearing roads and sidewalks of ice are all familiar with:

  1. Reagents. Anti icecrust mixes. Liquids, solid, combined.
  2. SOL.
  3. SAND.

The negative effects of their use:

  • Investment ratio . Millions of tons of mixtures in each winter season. That millions of rubles of budget money
  • Neekologichnost.Vred ecology , environment, health , technology , clothing , appearance of cities.
  • Speed. The reagents required for the reaction time of ice
  • The need for further removal of mixtures of sand at the end of the winter season.

4. SCRAP/shovel.

  • Low speed.
  • Low efficiency .

    With the technology of "Drum" removing the ice crust quickly and efficiently. From carriageways and sidewalks.


  • High speed and efficiency. 20.000 m2/h.
  • Waste-free and full of eco-friendliness.
  • The low cost of the equipment .
  • Possibility of manual power tool.

Model systems:

For manual cleaning. scheme Cleaning the driveway: