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Metall surface cleaning is the direct purpose of this techonology.

Our prototype showing results that allow:

Adhesion. Quality of adhesion upper on the 20-60%*, then shot-blasting technology.

Hardering. Cold hardering on 10-20%.

Roughness. Roughness controlling from 50 to 500 microns.

Microcracks. Ability to removing microcracks up to 500 microns.

Eco friendly. Wastless due to no using additional supplies.

Nonstop cleaning process. The prototype life cycle is 20 hours of nonstop working time.

Cheap. 0.7 rubles for one clean square metr (purifity SA 2-2.5).

Speed. Ability to really high speed cleaning in the stacionary steel cleaning machines.

Cleaning area. No limited. Simple design allows to produce elements of different widths. 2-3-5-10 meters. The only one requirement, is that surfacemust be flat (level differences of 5-15 mm.).

Low power consuption. 1 kw/h at an output of 10-13 m2/h.


All that allow to profitly and efficiently using new method in all industry areas, manufactures and markets.




Surface quality :

  • Adhesion corresponds to ISO 2409, GOST 9.304;
  • Purity SA 2,5; SA 3. ISO 8503, GOST 9.402.

* There is a conclusion of the laboratory "Institute Avtogenmash" Moscow on the quality of adhesion compared with blast cleaning.


Working prototypes:

Watch all videos and pictures.