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Existing methods of clearing roads and sidewalks of ice are all familiar with:

  1. Reagents. Anti icecrust mixes. Liquids, solid, combined.
  2. SOL.
  3. SAND.

The negative effects of their use:

  • Investment ratio . Millions of tons of mixtures in each winter season. That millions of rubles of budget money
  • Neekologichnost.Vred ecology , environment, health , technology , clothing , appearance of cities.
  • Speed. The reagents required for the reaction time of ice
  • The need for further removal of mixtures of sand at the end of the winter season.

4. SCRAP/shovel.

  • Low speed.
  • Low efficiency .

    With the technology of "Drum" removing the ice crust quickly and efficiently. From carriageways and sidewalks.


  • High speed and efficiency. 20.000 m2/h.
  • Waste-free and full of eco-friendliness.
  • The low cost of the equipment .
  • Possibility of manual power tool.

Model systems:

For manual cleaning. scheme Cleaning the driveway:

To implement the right technology finishing, construction readiness of the facility must meet one of the most important requirements - surface preparation for finishing.

  • Roughening concrete surfaces.
  • Removing a layer of cement milk.
  • Removing irregularities and growths.
  • Roughening of the brick walls of old brick or a new side with glossy surfaces and completely filled joints.

The popular methods for preparing today:

  • Sandblasting . As a consequence of the dust cloud , and an expensive equipment or crew.
  • Treatment with acid solutions . It is unsafe and environmentally unfriendly.

The new technology " Drum " it would be:

    1. Faster. Performance 5-30 m2/hour , only one device.
    2. Cheaper.

  • energy consumption 0.2-2.5 kW / hour ( 5-30 performance m2/hour)
  • no cost for the brigade and add. equipment . You only need one device to fit on a hand.

    3. Cleaner. The absence of a dust cloud and the sound pressure level.
    4. More convenient. Mobile.


It is a absolutely new mechanism that simulate the shot/girt  and achieve the degree of purification SA2.5 - Sa3.

The main deciding factor that creates new benefits is the transfer electrical energy directly into the "useful work", thanks to the special architecture of the work items to get the effects of pulse.

The main advantages are the absence of costs:

  • Compressed air;
  • Fraction and sand;
  • Additional equipment (compressors , mixers, protective equipment , etc.);
  • As well as compactness and mobility.

Due to these advantages, optimized parameters in comparison with the existing technology:

  • Cost in 4-10 lower;
  • Metal content and sizes in 5-10 lower;
  • Adhesion Value 20 - 60 % higher;
  • Power consumption in 5-10 lower;
  • Performance in 3-7 higher;
  • Environmental safety (no dust, waste liquids, sound pressure level);
  • Possibility of 100 % waste utilization;
  • Safety of operation;
  • Mobility at the expense of compactness;
  • No needed compressed air, sand/fraction mixtures.