To implement the right technology finishing, construction readiness of the facility must meet one of the most important requirements - surface preparation for finishing.

  • Roughening concrete surfaces.
  • Removing a layer of cement milk.
  • Removing irregularities and growths.
  • Roughening of the brick walls of old brick or a new side with glossy surfaces and completely filled joints.

The popular methods for preparing today:

  • Sandblasting . As a consequence of the dust cloud , and an expensive equipment or crew.
  • Treatment with acid solutions . It is unsafe and environmentally unfriendly.

The new technology " Drum " it would be:

    1. Faster. Performance 5-30 m2/hour , only one device.
    2. Cheaper.

  • energy consumption 0.2-2.5 kW / hour ( 5-30 performance m2/hour)
  • no cost for the brigade and add. equipment . You only need one device to fit on a hand.

    3. Cleaner. The absence of a dust cloud and the sound pressure level.
    4. More convenient. Mobile.